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After 40 years in business, K & P Contracting Ltd has completed and successfully labelled Newfoundland’s First Net Zero Ready Home.  Net Zero Ready homes offer the highest in energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality that can be found in a new home.  NZEr homes are built to decrease heat loss so that the energy consumption is so low that if a renewable energy (solar) were installed it would create as much energy as it required.  K & P Contracting is working towards building the second Net Zero Ready home now and is working with several clients to work towards creating a successfully renovated Net Zero Ready existing home.

Net-zero is a fairly basic concept throughout North America in that you build a super energy efficient house, with on site renewable energy generation.  At the end of a year you produce as much as - or more than you use - creating a net of zero energy.
A super energy efficient house has very high insulation levels, like thicker walls, double low e triple glazed argon windows, and better insulation in the floor and the ceiling, so that the entire envelope holds in the most energy possible, and you end with a small efficient heating system.
The windows and the eaves are also carefully placed, to maximize “passive solar” benefiting from sunlight streaming in during the winter months, but not as much in the summer.

Energy star appliances and LED lighting are also important to control energy consumption.

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Listen to "The Real Estate Show with Jim Burton" as Jack and Curtis, of

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For more in-depth information on Net Zero/Net Zero Ready homes, listen to Jack & Curtis as they explain to VOCM listeners the concept behind building this super energy efficient home.  It's the future of home building!

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